How to use Beltalia products

How to use mattresses properly

Mattresses are now a fundamental feature of everyday life. They ensure improved rest and, as a result, re-energise us for the coming day. To ensure such effects are long-lasting, there follow some instructions which, if correctly observed, will help keep your mattress in excellent “health”.

  • Remove the packaging within one week of taking delivery to allow normal airing. This prevents condensation and stagnation of the humidity normally present in the atmosphere and, therefore, also inside the packaging.
  • Use the mattress on a wooden slatted base that is the same size as the mattress. Do not use the mattresses on sofa beds, folding beds, or other bed systems.
  • Avoid using the mattress on bases with metal springs, very broad slats or single-surface bases (e.g. wooden bases, even if not contiguous), because they foster stagnation of humidity and the consequent formation of mould or deformation of the product.
  • All Beltalia bed frames must be placed on perfectly level floors or surfaces.
  • Do not sit on or exert opposition against electrical, motorised or manual parts when they are moving.
  • It is essential that the mattress not be subject to stresses other than those associated with normal use. More specifically, do not jump on the mattress or sit for a long time on its edges as excessive force on small areas may damage its structure.
  • Prevent infiltration of liquids or moisture into the mattress.
  • Do not fold or roll up the mattress
  • Do not expose the internal structure of the mattress to direct sunlight.
  • To turn the mattress over, never apply all the leverage on the handles but, rather, on the structure of the mattress itself.
  • Never force clasps or zips: if they jam, pull them gently, as breakages in this regard are not covered by the warranty.
  • To ensure proper preservation of the mattress, it is advisable to protect it with a mattress cover and bed frame cover.
  • Do not use solvents or chemicals on the fabric or inside any other product.
  • It is inadvisable to use electric blankets as they may affect the consistency and durability of product components.
  • For safety reasons, avoid smoking in bed and exposing the mattress to excessive and direct heat.
  • Do not vacuum-clean the lining. Remove dust gently with a brush.
  • Air the mattress weekly, without any covers and without exposing it to direct light; this prevents stagnation of humidity, which could give rise to the formation of mould.
  • Do not use sprays or steam sterilisers to “sanitise” the mattress. This type of maintenance affects the texture and durability of the inner layers of the product.
  • Except for those expressly designated as washable, pillows and mattresses should never be washed or wetted.
  • The cover (liner) must be washed in a washing machine, as per the instructions on its label, and dried naturally in a ventilated place without using dryers or other appliances.
  • Never use a hair-dryer on the fabric. If it gets wet, let it dry naturally.