All Beltalia mattresses, pillows, bed frames and accessories sold via the website are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty against defects for 10 years. Electrical parts have a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is given in accordance with the provisions of law. The warranty applies to products that have a defect, where such product has been put to proper use as intended by the manufacturer.

All warranty-related documents delivered with the product must be kept as they may be needed if a product defect is detected at a later date.

The customer must inspect every delivered product within a reasonable time of taking delivery. In compliance with Article 130 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), if a product is damaged on delivery or shows a defect during the warranty period, Beltalia must be informed and the product can be returned by mail at our expense, or the customer can request that it be collected. In relation to such returns, the customer is kindly invited to consult our Terms of return, indicated below.
If possible, Beltalia shall carry out repairs at its own expense or, otherwise, shall replace it with a similar product. If this is not possible, Beltalia shall refund the customer the purchase price of the product(s) plus any costs already charged to the customer for delivery of the product(s).

Should a returned product NOT be found to be damaged or defective, Beltalia reserves the right to return the product to the customer and charge him/her again for the product, the cost of delivery and any costs related to its inspection or restoration.
If the product received by the customer is not the one ordered, we kindly invite the customer to inform us and promptly return the product by mail, at our expense, or request that we collect it. If possible, Beltalia shall arrange for delivery of the product actually ordered or, otherwise, shall refund the purchase price of the product and delivery costs incurred by the customer. In relation to such returns, the customer is kindly invited to consult our Terms of return.

With reference to mattresses the following is specified:

The warranty covers the structure of the mattress, the fabrics, padding and the seams where the relative defects affect the performance of the mattress.

Mattress handles and accessories (such as liner zips, carrying bags for accessories) are not covered by the warranty.

Cases where the mattress is not in a perfectly hygienic condition or where defects are attributable to improper use or improper maintenance of the mattress are not covered under the terms of the warranty.

A ± 3% tolerance on the dimensions, due to the assembly of elastic components, is normal and not a defect.

During use, the mattress adapts to the body and may, therefore, dip slightly in the middle. A loss of up to 10% of the thickness of the mattress is considered normal and does not constitute a defect. You may also notice slight creasing of the lining; this is normal.

In cases covered by the warranty, the customer must submit a detailed description of the detected defect and indicate the size of the mattress. The mattress covered by the warranty must be sent properly packed to prevent any further damage for which Beltalia cannot be held liable.

If, after inspection of the mattress, a defect covered by the warranty is found, Beltalia shall repair or replace the mattress and deliver it to you at its own expense.

If the fault or defect is not covered by the warranty, you shall be charged the cost of product collection, product restoration/replacement and re-delivery.

Forfeiture of Warranty

The above-described warranty is rendered null and void where the purchased mattress or product is not used and maintained properly, as shown on the ‘How to use Beltalia products’ page, including, for example, and not limited to, the following cases:

  • using mattresses with unsuitable bed frames

  • damages arising from using the products for purposes other than normal resting

  • for hygiene reasons, mattresses stained with body or other fluids, soiled, or otherwise in an inadequate hygienic condition

  • product failure due to negligence or careless use such as failure to follow use and maintenance rules, improper use of the product or damage incurred during transport (i.e. due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to manufacturing and/or conformity defects).

  • purchase of used product by others, or in any case where the product was not purchased directly on the Beltalia website

  • defects caused by normal wear and tear.