On April 5th, 6th and 7th, the first edition of the Global Health Festival, unique to Europe, will be held in Padua. A nice achievement for our city that has had a very important role in the development of Medicine with its University.

And the University itself, together with the Municipality of Padua, are the promoters of the event with over 100 events and many authoritative speakers for a broad-spectrum debate on health, in correspondence with the World Health Day which is celebrated every year on April 7th.

The Festival is organized by Laterza editors, under the direction of Walter Ricciardi, former president of the ISS.

Health Disclosure, Primary Objective

With a strong, informative intent, the Festival has chosen a multidisciplinary approach with the aim of highlighting with the global term the interconnections between health, the third objective of sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda and the other primary objectives: education, and gender equality, and the fight against poverty and hunger,

There will be talk of major pandemics and access to drugs, of migrants and climate change. But among the topics covered, there will also be the aging of the population, lifestyles, vaccines and corporate welfare.

Many topics will be addressed with alternative popular forms, such as music and cinema.

Global Vision

We like the term that recalls an inclusive vision, both geographically and humanitarian.

The Director of the event claims: “What we should have globalized, and we have not yet succeeded, is the right to health. It is possible to do so, and it is urgent: let’s do it now.”-“Because the health of others is our health” and adds: “It is proven that where the health of the most marginalized is better treated, that of those who are better is treated better. The opposite is not true.”

Beltalia considers the term global to also refer to an overall view of man taken in its entirety of body and spirit. Where there is poverty, inequality, lack of education, there can be no health and it is therefore true that when the mind is constantly under siege of primary problems, even the healthy body will suffer.

The Choice of Padua

It is no coincidence that Padua was chosen as the site of this initiative that crosses different areas of society and the economy. We remind you that Padua is the city of many centers of excellence in medical research, such as the IOV, the City of Hope, and the Banca degli Occhi Foundation.

But CUAMM doctors with Africa, a humanitarian organization known throughout the world, was born and is strongly active in Padua. They use medical expertise to assist in the forgotten regions of Africa. And finally, both Padua and its region, Veneto, are the territory of cultivation and development of large companies and related businesses in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and diagnostic sectors.

An entrepreneurial system where enterprise is combined with research and the specialization of knowledge. An approach that we share with the aim of contributing with our articles for rest systems to the well-being of the whole person.

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