Electric slat frame

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The electric slat frame is ideal for those who want to enjoy the comfort of the Beltalia mattress throughout the day. A handy remote control lets the user automatically adjust the tilt angles of the various frame parts.

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The Beltalia slat frame is a multi-layer structure in beech, a highly flexible wood that enhances the elasticity of the mattress.

Thanks to its natural properties, beechwood helps attenuate magnetic fields to ensure more natural rest.

A thin film of non-toxic paint and solid wood corner reinforcements make the Beltalia bed frame resistant to damp and extremely strong.

Technical characteristics

The shoulder, hip and leg zones of the Beltalia bed frame are equipped with cushioned supports made of a flexible, latest-generation material.

This innovative zone-by-zone system ensures the slats ‘suspend’ the mattress properly while anchoring it securely, providing adjustable support that adapts perfectly to the pressure exerted by the body.

On reclining, electric and manual versions, the flexible slat system allows – together with the different tilt adjustment modes – the frame to adapt perfectly to the pressure exerted by the body to create a personalised support solution.

Mobile system

The Beltalia electric bed frame allows for automated tilt adjustment of the back and leg sections so you can find just the right body position according to your specific needs.

Mobile frame sections can be adjusted separately or simultaneously using the supplied control unit.