Let’s celebrate the World Day of Sleep!

For more than 10 years, the World Day of Sleep has been celebrated on the second Friday in March before the spring equinox.

Today, we can all exchange good wishes for a good night’s sleep and dedicate the evening to actions that can promote a better quality of sleep and living.

The message of this 12th edition promotion by the World Sleep Society is clear: Health Sleep, Healthy AgingSleeping well to age well.

If we want to be fit, we must take care of our sleep, it occupies 1/3 of our day and should be at the top of our primary needs. Few people are aware of this, we are living in a hyperconnected world and are constantly urged to be active 24/7. 

The Sound Principles of Sleep

According to the findings of the World Sleeping Society that promotes and coordinates initiatives for this day, the three factors that influence good sleep are:

  • DURATION: the hours of sleep must be sufficient to guarantee the right rest and a state of lucidity in the hours of the day
  • CONTINUITY: there must be no interruptions during sleep
  • DEPTH: in order to be restorative, sleep must be deep and follow the regular stages of develpment during the night.

The absence of these conditions generates sleep disorders that generally take the name of insomnia and can have a very negative impact on our psycho-physical health.

In the world, more than 45% of the population have bad sleeping habits. The data is growing and the repercussions in the medium and long term should not be underestimated.

Lack or poor sleep quality affects attention span, memory, and learning. It also increases the risk factor for heart disease, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system and even cause some forms of cancer. Chronic insomnia is also associated with the development of depressive disorders, anxieties, and psychosis.

Good News and Advice

The good news from the Society of Sleep is that many disorders can be cured and a solution can be found. However, less than 1/3 of insomniacs seek professional help and prefer to rely on hypnotic drugs.

At this point, we could offer you the usual commandments for a good sleep but we think the World Sleep Society has more authority to tell you more about it:


Beltalia’s Contributions

We consider it more useful to give our contribution to this issue by focusing on two aspects of the problem. They were at the origin of Beltalia’s approach to this primary need with our massage mattress.

Stress and Relaxation Techniques

In adult life, many sleep disorders are caused by the stressful and frantic rhythms of everyday life, and the continuous need to deal with conflict or uncertainties on several fronts. All without being able to carve out a moment of relative tranquility to recover from the physical and mental energies required to face these events.

Experts speak of adaptive or acute insomnia when stress conditions are determined by external factors and have a limited duration in time. At least once a year, these conditions occur and, at their expense, women and the elderly without age limits apply. But often, we are constantly under pressure.

Whether it is a short-term or prolonged condition over time, the importance of cognitive behavioral therapy and the practice of relaxation techniques can be very effective against insomnia and help us to build a wellness barrier against stress.

Here are our suggestions to remove worries and prepare us to enjoy a good night’s sleep:

  • listen to good music before falling asleep

  • practice yoga or meditation techniques to free the mind

  • drink infusions and herbal teas before bed

  • take a warm shower before going to bed

  • listen and respect your natural sleep cycle (cicardian rhythm)

  • keep the technology away in the hours before sleep, whether it be TV, tablet or smartphone

  • eat light foods and avoide sugars

  • find the optimal room temperature 

All these principles deserve further study, but if you continue to follow us on this blog, we will accompany you on a journey of research and the creation of your personal dimension of well-being. These concepts were the basis of the Beltalia philosophy in the conception and realization of the massage mattress.  

Good Technology

Let’s take the good of technology and learn to recognize its positive effects. Beltalia has always been dedicated in the search for innovative materials and the most advanced technologies to help you achieve the ideal dimension of well-being and a superior quality of sleep.

Recent studies have shown the importance of the environment and body temperature in sleep health, highlighting the use of materials capable of dispersing the heat developed by the body during the night led to a significant increase in the duration and depth of sleep.

The use of materials with thermoregulating properties in the composition of the massage mattress is just one example of Beltalia’s attention to the use of good technology. The innovative integrated massage system, which is the peculiarity of the Beltalia mattress, is the demonstration of the ability to combine well-being and technology!

Find out more about our commitment to quality sleep and the achievement of personal well-being on these pages.

Good sleep and see you soon!