Double massage mattress

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With its incorporated massage system and memory foam padding, the innovative Beltalia mattress ensures deep relaxation.

Made using latest-generation technology and materials, the Beltalia mattress offers a definitive response to the quest for higher well-being.

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The unique sensation of comfort provided by the Beltalia mattress stems from a combination of innovative massage system and an inner core of cutting-edge materials with extraordinary thermal regulation/anti-bacterial properties.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • high quality Memory Foam upper layer adapts perfectly to the body and gradually ‘welcomes’ the body while providing soft support.
  • silver ion microcell-structure central layer with anti-bacterial and thermo-regulation action.
  • inner moulding features airways to ensure the material ‘breathes’ deeply
  • massage system activated by the connected manual control
  • seven sunken, specially designed circular areas convey the massaging action.


The Beltalia mattress stands out on account of top-quality materials and a meticulous production process. Together, they ensure extraordinarily comfortable support:

  • high density foams with innovative silver ion micro-encapsulation technology exert an anti-bacterial/thermal regulation action.
  • specially designed moulding creates large airways to ensure deep ventilation
  • a memory foam upper layer gradually ‘welcomes’ the body and provides just the right support.
  • seven specially designed circular areas convey the massaging action of the integrated system to the surface and amplify it.

Massage system

The Beltalia mattress features an innovative massage system consisting of seven motorized vibration units that dissolve tension at key body points.

The Beltalia smart system lets users personalise their massages by allowing for adjustment of vibration frequency/intensity.

Personally set programmes can be recalled at any time via the convenient remote control.


The first-rate Beltalia hypoallergenic lining features Linen
Soft Memory padding which provides excellent breathability and thermal regulation properties.

The Beltalia lining consists of:

  • outer thermo-regulated technofibre lining with quilted pattern
  • 2 cm thick memory foam, linen and technofibre padding
  • lower anti-slip layer
  • reinforced edges and high-breathability fabric side panels
  • four strong fabric handles and a zip to allow full opening

Exclusives services

Beltalia provides two special delivery options (which can also be requested after product purchase).

  • The Delivery Service with Representative ensures a Beltalia expert is present at the delivery address (indicated when ordering) when the courier arrives.

The representative will personally present the massage mattress and its complementary items and provide you with all the necessary info and tips on proper use.

  • Should you wish to perform a complete trial and be absolutely certain of your purchase, you can combine the Delivery Service with Representative with the First Night Check Service.

With the latter, a Beltalia representative will pass by the following morning in person to make sure you are satisfied with the product and, if necessary, optimise and personalise the set-up according to your requirements.