Single massage mattress


With its incorporated massage system and memory foam padding, the innovative Beltalia mattress ensures deep relaxation.

Made using latest-generation technology and materials, the Beltalia mattress offers a definitive response to the quest for higher well-being.

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The unique comfort provided by the Beltalia mattress stems from a combination of innovative massage system and an inner core of cutting-edge materials with extraordinary thermal regulation/anti-bacterial properties.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • The high quality Memory Foam upper layer adapts perfectly to the body and gradually ‘welcomes’ the body while providing soft support.
  • silver ion microcell-structure central layer with anti-bacterial and thermo-regulation action.
  • inner moulding features airways to ensure the material ‘breathes’ deeply
  • massage system activated by the connected manual control
  • seven sunken, specially designed circular areas convey the massaging action.

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120×200, 140×200, 80×200, 90×200, Custom


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