Let’s celebrate the return of spring!

It is the day we have been waiting for months, the day when spring officially begins. Synonymous with rebirth, vitality and health, Beltalia also wants to celebrate this holiday.

Some may argue that we are a day late. This year, in fact, the debate is all centered on the equinox anticipated to take place February 20th. The reasons are linked to the complicated system of compensation of the surplus hours of the sidereal year compared to the exact 365 days of the Gregorian calendar. Basically, in addition to the leap year, even the date of the equinox is periodically different.

As far as we are concerned, the start date does not change the event. Spring is still the awakening of nature: a blaze of colors, lights and scents that stimulates all our senses and charges us with energy. Although, this isn’t the whole truth. For many, in fact, with the spring comes tiredness, sleep and the feared seasonal allergies.

Spring Remedies: Aromatherapy

For all this, spring itself provides the starting point for a valid remedy, if we know how to trust our nose. We refer to the world of aromas, perfumes and essences – whatever you want to call them – the basis of aromatherapy.

The beneficial effects of the aromas emanating from plants and flowers on our health have been known since ancient times when they were used as perfumes, ointments and therapeutic remedies. The fragrant essence from aromatic plants is obtained through the the extraction by distillation of the so-called essential oils that actually don’t have much oil. These are liquid and volatile substances, soluble in alcohol and oil, but not in water. In nature, these substances have a precise function linked to the survival of the species. Its relationship with humans, we are enriched with other beneficial and healing qualities.

But how does it work? Essential oils transmit an electrical impulse to the brain, recalling the emotions connected to the olfactory stimulus. Aromatherapy therefore involves the emotional sphere, memory, the senses, but also the endocrine and immune system. Essential oils are indeed rich in many properties: antiseptic, toning, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, decongestant and the list could go on. Suffice it to say that the active ingredients of traditional medicine derive precisely from medicinal plants.

Without going into the scientific details, it is enough to introduce us into this fascinating universe to explore the soothing, purifying and regenerating effects of these substances which are often used in relaxation techniques. Used in massage, the aromas are the undisputed protagonists of the fragrance of the rooms, of the aromatic baths and co-actors in chromotherapy.

In its continuous search for well-being, Beltalia has been careful to grasp the value of these natural practices and has introduced the principle of aromatherapy into its pillows with the fragrance of orange.

The Scents of Rest

The world of aromas is rich in variety and nuances. Here at Beltalia, we wanted to select the essences that would most help to calm your rest and promote a regenerating sleep.

ORANGE – Orange essential oil acts as a slight hypnotic and is a natural calming agent. It therefore acts against insomnia and stress, favoring good humor. It also helps blood circulation, acts as an antibacterial and strengthens the immune system.

CHAMOMILE – Known for having a calming effect, chamomile also has soothing, antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties. For those who tend to physically manifest stress with spasms and contractures, chamomile is very effective as a muscle relaxant. Its aroma helps to combat insomnia and anxiety, agitation and headache.

LAVENDER – Excellent for its calming effect, lavender has a sedative and re-balancing action. Relieves muscle pain and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a valid remedy to rid the nasal passages in case of colds, coughs and sinusitis.

MINT – It has a refreshing and regenerating effect on the mind, alleviating the sense of oppression resulting from from stress. Promotes circulation and improves performance.

SANDALWOOD – It is indicated to calm aggression. It fights anxiety and stress, stimulates the circulation of the lower limbs and strengthens the body.