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Customization and Innovation for your bed

We aim to ensure a good rest and improving the quality of life of people like you, by manufacturing the best mattresses made in Italy, bed bases and exclusive quality pillows

We put all our passion and dedication in research and development for personalized bed solutions to meet your needs and those of your family, designing innovative technologies consistent with the highest standards of good rest: thermoregulation, breathability, relaxation, postural improvement, attention to hygiene and customisation. 


The breathable mattress that cuddles you also in the price

italian memory foam mattress breathable

Belpaese is the dream of sleeping well ... every night!
The quality and the innovation of the best and breathable memory-foam mattress at the best price, for quiet, cool and relaxed nights.


The massage mattress which turn your bedroom into a spa

massage memory mattress italy

Carezza mattress offers you 7 types of massage to give your body to pamper your body, even in the areas of greater tension, before going to sleep. 
A sensory path whenever you want, on a natural mattress made of Natural Memory Foam that coalesises your sleep. 

Your Wellness

How important is it to sleep well?

A good rest is essential to maintain a good state of physical and mental health and to improve the quality of your life. Good sleep is essential to allow your body to renew itself, restore the nervous system and regenerate the immune system, and is necessary for your mind to eliminate tensions accumulated during the day.

Our mission is to make you unique

Delivery mattress at your home

Buying "Beltalia" doesn't mean just become the owner of a luxury product; it's a life experience that we want to make more unique and exclusive as possible.
We therefore offer you the opportunity to choose some extra special services:
- Delivery with delegate
- Verification "first night"
- Delivery at floor

These services will only be selectable on orders in which there are at least one mattress or one bed base and exceptionally, exceptionally throughout all 2017, with a reduced price!
For further information refer to "Delivery Time & Costs" paragraph or contact our operator that will answer any of your questions.


Have not you been able to be present to our events?
Any problem, does you them to relive...

You relive our fantastic events Beltalia Bed Day
Day with Beltalia and his exclusive mattresses and pillows

Complete your bed system

memory foam pillow made in italy

Perfect for head and neck support, comfort and freshness: your Beltalia pillow allows you to wake up fresh and rested, always ready to face every new day as best as possible.

exclusive bed base
Bed bases

Combined with your ideal mattress, your Beltalia bed base ensures perfect comfort and support. Choose the option that best suits your resting habits: fixed or reclining, manual or electric.

luxury baby mattress
For Children

Your child's resting periods extensively affect his/her physical and mental well-being, from the cradle. Give your child a quality rest so that he/she remains always active, happy and relaxed.