Aromatherapy pillow


Aroma combines the comfort of Soap and the benefits of aromatherapy in a single pillow. Ergonomic, with slow-return memory performance, Aroma adapts to the body to maximise comfort and ensure proper head support, keeping the neck and shoulder muscles relaxed.
The dual thermoregulation-antibacterial action of the memory foam ensures proper transpiration and a pleasant sensation of freshness.
Available in five colours, each of which releases a delicate fragrance with specific properties.

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Composition: 100% memory foam

Dimensions: 43x73x14 cm

Shaping: holes run through the pillow to maximise ventilation.

Pillowcase: removable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, machine washable up to 30 °C. Made up of carbon fibre filaments, the pillowcase creates a long-lasting barrier against electromagnetic pollution.

100% memory foam pillow that will slowly regain its shape even after years of use. The micro-honeycomb structure aids ventilation without trapping moisture, ensuring perfect hygiene.
NON-WASHABLE padding. To keep the pillow fresh, simply air it regularly. Using the pillowcase provides effective protection against stains and dirt, extending pillow life.
Green | Aloe vera
Green is the colour of the Aloe Vera leaves, the lymph of which exerts a soothing, moisturizing effect on the skin, strengthens the immune system and improves sleep.
Yellow | Camomile
Camomile has acknowledged calming properties that aid relaxation and assure a deep, restful sleep.
Orange | Citrus
Citrus fruits have relaxing anti-stress properties. The essence also helps combat inflammation and flu.
Violet | Lavender
Lavender has many properties. It helps relax the muscles and calm the spirit, making it easier to fall asleep.
Blue | Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus has numerous anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. It’s also extremely refreshing, its balsamic properties exerting a decongestant action on the airways.
Class 1 Medical Device as per Directive 93/42/EC with 19% personal income tax deduction.
The product complies with Oeko Tex standards – products free of substances harmful to humans.
Pillow rolled up and shipped in protective nylon to ensure it is intact on delivery and maintains hygiene during transport.