Music pillow


Music Pillow is perfect for those who like to lull themselves to sleep with their favourite tunes or the voice of an audio book, without sacrificing the quality of memory foam. The integrated audio system is perfectly insulated so it doesn’t disturb the person sleeping next to you.

Ergonomic slow-return memory performance adapts to the body, maximising comfort, ensuring proper head support and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles. The dual thermoregulation-antibacterial action of the memory foam ensures proper transpiration and a pleasant sensation of freshness, optimising rest.

Music Pillow is an original gift idea for music and technology lovers.

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Composition: 100% memory foam

Dimensions: 43x73x14 cm

Shaping: holes run through the pillow to maximise ventilation.

Pillowcase: removable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, machine washable up to 30 °C. Made up of carbon fibre filaments, the pillowcase creates a long-lasting barrier against electromagnetic pollution.

The integrated audio system requires no batteries or charging and works without headphones: just plug in your audio device using the supplied 3.5 mm jack cable, lay your ear on the pillow and enjoy the music. Volume is adjusted via the keypad incorporated on the cable.

Music pillow means you can drift off to sleep or wake up to your favourite tunes or voices just by programming a timer or alarm.

100% memory foam pillow that will slowly regain its shape even after years of use. The micro-honeycomb structure aids ventilation without trapping moisture, ensuring perfect hygiene.

NON-WASHABLE padding. To keep the pillow fresh, simply air it regularly. Using the pillowcase provides effective protection against stains and dirt, extending pillow life.

Class 1 Medical Device as per Directive 93/42/EC with 19% personal income tax deduction.

The product complies with Oeko Tex standards – products free of substances harmful to humans.

Pillow rolled up and shipped in protective nylon to ensure it is intact on delivery and maintains hygiene during transport.