Neck Pillow

129,00 tax and shipping included

Two colours and four different ways to achieve complete well-being. The perfect pillow, Neck extends the relaxation provided by the Beltalia mattress to the neck and head areas.



With four support modes designed to meet every need, the Neck pillow alleviates neck and shoulder tension.

Textured surfaces, together with carefully thought out shaping and composition of the materials, create a massage-like effect.

The pillow can be used in 4 different positions to provide personalised support: thick-rigid / thick-soft / thin-rigid / thin-soft.


The Neck pillow consists of two components with different colours, densities and textures to provide personalised support.

  • textured surfaces with differentiated massage effects:

– gentle massage on the rippled orange side

– more accentuated massage effect on the grey side, which has pyramid-like texturing

  • the special open-cell mesh-like material ensures excellent breathability
  • the Termosilver component exerts a dual thermal regulation/anti-bacterial function


The Neck pillow is lined with a soft, fresh technofibre slip that has:

  • outstanding thermal regulation/anti-bacterial properties
  • a finely crafted quilted pattern

Can be hand washed or machine washed at temperatures no higher than 30 °C.