‘Saponetta’ Pillow

129,00 tax and shipping included

Saponetta is the essential well-being formula.
With its innovative blend of materials and textures, the soap-bar shaped Saponetta pillow provides two effective, personalised head/neck support solutions in one.



Saponetta is an ergonomic pillow with essential lines that offers different support solutions on its two sides.

With a bi-component structure that offers different support performance and massage-effect texturing, Saponetta helps relax the muscles in the neck and shoulder areas.

The dual thermal regulation/anti-bacterial function of the material ensures proper breathability and a pleasant sensation of freshness, ensuring revitalising rest.


The Saponetta pillow combines essential lines with a specially designed composition to maximise comfort:

  • bi-component structure with different support capacities.
  • differentiated surface texturing, relief-textured and rippled with massage
  • the Termosilver component exerts a dual thermal regulation/anti-bacterial
  • the open-cell material ensures excellent breathability


The Saponetta pillow is lined with a soft, fresh technofibre slip that has:

  • outstanding thermal regulation/anti-bacterial properties
  • a finely crafted quilted pattern

Can be hand washed or machine washed at temperatures no higher than 30 °C.